A new casino customer for KGM Gaming required slot bases which provided customized end panels featuring configurable components to suit the current and future needs of the casino gaming floor.
Project Features
  • Logo embossing and light integration for gaming slot bases
  • Material technology to provide functionality and flexibility on the showroom floor
  • Collaborative design prototype and implementation developed a lasting business partnership
Request Information



October 25, 2018


KGM Gaming required brand-ready and design elaborate slot bases that could adapt to the future needs of the casino gaming floor. Acro Display utilized embossing the casino’s logo into the end-panels of the slot bases for an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching consumer experience. Incorporating flexibility into the slot bases was a design challenge resolved by developing spacers that were able to be used to configure different arrangements of slot machines. Acro Display's example of beauty and functionality proved to be exactly what the customer required to assure an immersive and modern experience for all visitors.