Point-of-Purchase solutions are featured product displays stationed anywhere in your retail space that drive the customer to purchase, utilizing branded marketing or merchandising materials. By effectively capturing the attention of customers in store, you can increase sales independent of increasing your budget.

Acro Display recognizes that innovative and appealing point-of-purchase (POP) displays can help retailers and buyers love your brand. Advantages to POP fixtures include netting “quick,” shoppers, clarifying your product, targeting impulse buyers, and capitalizing on cost effective display opportunities.

Capture Customer Attention

Creative retail displays feature colors, logos, signage, brand shapes, and even digital additions. They are ideal in slowing down the quick shopper and pulling them into an immersing brand experience, especially in leveraging a store-in-store concept. Packaging alone, no matter how creative, is small and can benefit from additional customer impact with a custom order POP display.

Clarify Your Product

Acro Display can help communicate your product’s message via custom retail displays. POP fixtures allow for additional real estate for product-supporting text and images, in addition to brand visibility and better educating your buyer on the unique value your merchandise offers. Point-of-purchase displays can be free-standing or fix to retail shelves, giving you flexibility in featuring your product in high-competition retail space.

Target Impulse Shoppers

A staggering 68% of US consumers make impulse buys “in person in a store.” Acro Display aims to drive that metric to maximum potential by developing point-of-purchase displays that capitalize on unplanned buying for a profound effect on sales.

Cost Effective Point-of-Purchase Displays

Utilizing POP displays to further your brand means applying signage and merchandise materials at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. Give your brand the leverage of impacting a relevant audience!


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