Custom design fixtures are imperative to strengthening the relationship between your product and customer. When the Acro Display family prototypes and manufactures retail fixtures for our clients, we use integrated lighting, creative design, and eye-catching materials to attract and entertain shoppers. Engineering solutions can stretch as far as your brand can imagine!

Our goal is to generate purchase-forward thinking and have your customer falling more in love with your brand’s message. Think of custom retail fixtures as an umbrella term for any showcase hardware that can make your product pop out on the shelves, support consumer trial, and encourage your consumer to physically engage with your product.

Display Effectiveness

Display cases can illuminate your product literally with LED fixtures, but also physically with industrial shelving solutions. Take advantage of vertical and horizontal instances where you can present your product on eye-level displays or secured, outside of traditional packaging.

Product Testing

When it’s applicable, product testing is arguably the most effective way to generate product sales and ingrain brand reliability. Acro Display has seen client success, for example, in the beauty industry after manufacturing hand wash fixtures installed to encourage hand soap trials.

Physical Product Engagement

Customers who can get their hands on a product have more reason to trust in its reliability.

Acro Display value engineers creative display solutions to get your audience physically engaged with your product. Retractable and secure cabling, well-lit vertical glass displays, and acrylic display stands are a few of the innumerable methods to creating positive shopping experience and happy customers


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