Acro Display understands the importance in developing cashwrap systems that cater to positive customer service and your product needs. Cashwraps are key in maximizing sales, increasing customer and employee satisfaction, and strengthening your brand.

The last thing a customer remembers about their shopping voyage is the check-out process. Acro Display ensures a seamless experience utilizing vertical and horizontal display manufacturing and area-specific, custom fixtures. Our cashwrap solutions include showcasing your brand and maintaining space for a centralized check out and information hub in your store. 

Maximizing Sales

Cashwrap solutions are opportunistic in encouraging impulse buys. Utilizing this point-of-purchase without cluttering is crucial for selling accessory-style products. These products are the easiest purchasing choices for a shopper and often come without hesitation.

Increasing Employee Morale

Happy employees make for happy customers. Your cashwrap retail solution should be designed to set up your employees for success by optimizing design and putting the right tools at their fingertips. A well-thought-out cashwrap minimizes stress and maximizes time spent with customers.

Strengthening Your Brand

Shape, material, and color are all breaks to fortify your brand for an out-going customer. A thoughtful cashwrap is functional and conveys brand identity. Our list of materials allow for ease in integrating your brand feel into the check-out process.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Acro Display value engineers check out solutions with the customer in mind – allowing the cashwrap to double as an information hub in your store. Utilize the cashwrap in instances where a hurried customer enters the store, heads for the check-out counter, and asks questions about store layout or specials. A well-designed custom cashwrap solution reduces wait times, adds fun, and ensures your happy customer is a repeat customer.


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