Backroom Storage

Retailers throughout the country have been using Acro Display's backroom storage system for years because of its ease of use and unique modular versatility for a common retail problem: backroom storage of critical merchandise. Acro Display's backroom storage systems provide cost-effective mobile and non-mobile storage solutions for a wide range of retail applications. Mobile units allow access to critical merchandise through only one aisle, creating significant space savings and optimal use of floor space. The system is available in heavy or light duty, as well as in a broad range of sizes with a variety of configurations.

Available Accessories 
Easy Installation

One of the best features of Acro Display's backroom system is its ease of installation which requires the limited use of hardware to install. A versatile, boltless system allows components to lock into place with the tap of a rubber mallet. The result is reduced installation time and minimal cost.

Design Features

Our backroom storage systems utilize an aluminum track which conforms to the floor for ease of movement. This is further enhanced by our use of a wider diameter steel wheel and steel riding surface for the track inserts. The Acro Display system also features a steel base carriage rather than aluminum, offering stronger support of the shelving load and a stronger overall structure of the unit.

Increased Stability

Our unique track and wheel design provide better stability than other systems currently on the market. In addition to the unobstructed movement, the Acro track and wheel system offers better weight distribution and carriage retention.

Manual Carriage Mobile System

Manual Carriage Mobile System is available in standard and heavy duty. The Standard Duty Systems are used primarily in retail applications such as shoes, apparel, and handbags. The Heavy Duty Systems are used in similar applications. However, as materials become denser in weight, such as, cosmetics, home furnishings or "knock down" furniture, the heavy duty systems are the product of choice. The maximum system length is 12' with an overall weight capacity of 3,000 lbs. per carriage.

Standard Manual Track

Standard Manual Track is 3 1/4" wide, less than 7/16" at its highest point and is made from heat treated aluminum. There is no adjustability within the track for this style. This track can be used with the Standard Manual Carriage. Contact us to find out how Acro's Back Room Storage systems can maximize your space and optimize your company's profit potential.

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