Social Distancing For Elections

Trust the team at Acro Display to determine what measures need to be implemented to make your voting facility CDC compliant.

Acro Display Election Kit
City of Philadelphia Election Primary


• Entrance sign (1) 
• Floor signs (20) 
• Sanitizing Stations (4) 
• Check-in Desk Dividers (2) 
• Deputy Manager Desk Dividers (1)
• Observer Double Desk Divider (1) 
• Voting Area Sign (1) 
• Freestanding Voting Dividers (6) 
• Exit Sign (1)

Note: this kit can be adjusted based on your specific needs.


Click to download our Election Floor Plan

Acro Display Election Floor Plan

  • Entrance Signage
  • Sanitizing Station located at entrance
  • Floor signs located 6 feet apart to control spacing and flow throughout the election facility
  • Extra high divider provided to protect Registrar and voters who are standing
  • Opening in Divider to pass identification and voter sign in
  • Provide pen or pencil to prevent cross-contamination
  • Poll workers wash hands frequently
  • Sanitizing Station located after Check-in
  • Extra high divider provided to protect Registrar and voters who are standing
  • Opening in Divider to pass information
  • Clearly defined floor signs
  • Sanitizing Station located after Deputy Manager
  • Signage
  • Dividers located between voting machines
    (White Freestanding Dividers for additional voter privacy)
  • Sanitizing Station located after Voting Machines
  • Sanitizing Station located after Ballot Box
  • Extra high divider provided to protect Observers and voters who are standing
  • Double Dividers available with openings for passing documents in/out as needed
  • Clearly Marked exit sign


Please be advised that some or all of the information contained in this document may not be applicable to certain polling places. We strongly recommend that before implementing any of the suggestions contained herein you carefully evaluate and consult with legal counsel, as necessary and appropriate, as to the legality, applicability, and potential efficacy of this information specific to your location. Please also note that this is a “living” document that may be updated at any time given the fluidity of this situation. Acro bears no responsibility for any circumstances arising out of or related to the adoption, or decision not to adopt, any of the practices or procedures contained in this document.


  1. CDC Cleaning Requirements we will be using to identify what items are needed specific to Social Distancing and Signage 
  2. Polling location recommendations and Standards from U.S. Election Assistance Commission 
  3. Floor Plan templates from U.S. Election Assistance Commission