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Create safer classroom environments with our custom clear and white desk dividers.
• Desk Dividers in White or Clear
• Sanitizing Stations
• Face Shields

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Acro Display

Fall is almost here, and with news regarding school reopenings and COVID-19 coming in daily, you can trust Acro Display to help you determine what your school needs to open this year.

We have partnered with experts to create a comprehensive overview and strategy for your reopening, including the most current CDC and OSHA guidelines. We will analyze data such as the floor plan, attendance (students, faculty, and visitors), the number of rooms and space types, cleaning equipment and chemicals, typical high touchpoints, etc.

This information will help in crafting an effective and safe plan that takes into consideration the recommendations of the CDC and OSHA and puts the health of your students and faculty first.

Our analysis will help determine what you must complete to successfully reopen your school including:

- Facility and Equipment
- Management and Communications
- Cleaning and Disinfection
- Training

We will then provide you with a readiness checklist that will help you limit the spread of the virus amongst students, faculty, and employees alike. Besides steps that you can take on your own, this checklist will also offer details on the specialized solutions to aid in the safe reopening of schools.

Amongst these solutions are Communications (signage and graphics), Social Distancing Barriers, or Desk Dividers, for Schools, as well as customizable Sanitizing Stations.

Desk Dividers Covid

Our desk dividers are available in customized sizes to fit your desks with no gaps. They are easy to install and clean and are made of durable ¼’’ clear acrylic or white fiberboard. You can discover more information about our social distancing table dividers for schools by CLICKING HERE.

We are also proud to offer our customizable sanitization station for your classrooms as well. These stations provide convenient access for teachers and students to masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, waste disposal, and more. For more information on those stations, CLICK HERE.

If you aren’t sure where to start, use the following form to evaluate your situation. Fill-out our Restart Readiness Checklist today: CMC Restart Readiness Checklist.