Century 21

Acro Display's Account Executive and Engineering Director had heavy involvement in supervising our first venture with Century 21 and their new mini-concept store. On a short timeline, we were able to design, prototype, manufacture and install alongside the general contractor to ensure the store opening happened on time and as planned. After following up on our custom shop displays, Century 21 extended our services to future stores due to attention to detail and diligence.
Project Features
  • Full service from start to finish including design, manufacture and installation
  • Delivered multiple store custom displays in a cost-effective and timely manner
  • Follow up after the project was complete opened up future store collaboration efforts
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Century 21


August 31, 2018



Century 21's timeline required a quick turn around and innovative retail design solutions for multiple custom product displays. Project management ensured deliverables were manufactured on time and under budget. The customer appreciated this attention to quality and detail, and have since awarded Acro Display with future retail display opportunities.