About Us

Acro Display is a privately held corporation that specializes in manufacturing custom displays and building relationships in the retail merchandising, point-of-purchase and consumer industries.

Since 1982, Acro Display has been working with the country's leading retailers, design firms and point-of-purchase display companies. These relationships have produced some of the finest and most cost effective retail displays, fixtures, interiors and environments.

Retailers are under severe pressure to make more efficient use of their space to create a  productive shopping experience for their customer. Each store must be carefully designed and specifically crafted to serve its unique audience. To this end, Acro Display creatively and strategically partners with its clients to offer innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your in-store merchandising requirements.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

With the concern and care about our planet in mind, Acro Display is dedicated to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for our clients and their retail environments.

We are able to produce environmentally friendly custom fixtures by utilizing green and sustainable materials. Many of these materials are recognized by the United States Green Building Council and can help provide credit support for LEED credits and certifications.

Latest Technology

Our state of the art manufacturing facility with the latest automated technology, along with skilled craftsmen, give our clients the economies of mass production with the design flexibility of handcrafted detailing.

Acro Display is a proud member of the Association of Retail Environments and currently a member of the Green 100 Industry Task Force.

Family Operated

As a family owned and operated company, Acro Display offers its clients a single source solution, uncompromised quality, and detail along with personal service and attention to each project.

Our outstanding reputation and exceptional service, built on family values are the keys to Acro's success and continued growth. Acro is able to incorporate a wide variety of materials into our displays and fixtures, including wood, wire, metal, glass, and acrylic. We specialize in design, prototyping, and roll-out programs for the in-store merchandising of your products and services aimed at the intelligent and educated consumer.

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