Green is here to stay. Acro Display is committed to protecting our planet and our environment by embracing sustainability, and offering our clients displays and fixtures that are environmentally friendly.

We can design and produce displays and fixtures and provide sustainable solutions for our retail clients that lessen the impact on our planet. You now have many choices when it comes to environmentally responsible products from Acro Display.

With indoor air quality becoming of increasing importance in todays design and retail community, Acro now offers products that contain no harmful VOC's. We offer products that are made with formaldehyde free materials as well as FSC certified wood products which come from a documented chain of custody.

Acro Display can help provide LEED credit support in the categories of Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality, by providing finished products that are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

We continue to research and indentify eco-friendly materials that will become more prevalent in the manufacture of displays and fixtures as the green movement continues to explode at a rapid pace.

Acro is also in the process of becoming an FSC certified manufacturer, which is being driven by our concern for the environment as well as our environmentally conscious retail clients who insist on doing the right thing for our planet. By being green, everyone wins.

Please contact us to find out much more about our green products and sustainable efforts within the retail sector.